Michael Jackson & Akon

si-la-la-sol-si-la-sol-la-sol/  Konvicted music (Ooh Yeah)
si-si-si-la-la-sol-sol-la/ This life don’t last forever
sol-la-sol/(hold my hand)
si-si-si-sol-sol-sol-si-DO-si-la/ So tell me what we’re waitin for
sol-RE-si/(hold my hand)
si-si-si-la-la-sol-sol-la/ Better off being together
sol-la-sol/(hold my hand)
si-si-si-sol-sol-sol-si-DO-si-la/ Than being miserable alone
sol-RE-si/(hold my hand)
sol-sol-sol-la/ Cause I’ve been there before
fa#-fa#-fa#-fa#-fa#-sol/ And you’ve been there before
mi-mi-fa#-sol-la/ But together we can be alright.
sol-sol-sol-la/ Cause when it gets dark and when it gets cold
fa#-fa#-fa#-fa#-fa#-sol/ We hold each other till we see the sunlight
mi-mi-fa#-sol-la/ So if you just


sol-la-si/ Hold my hand
sol-sol-RE-DO-si-la-sol/ Baby I promise that I’ll do all I can
sol-la-mi/ Hold my hand
sol-sol-sol-la-si-sol-la-sol/ Things will get better if you just
sol-la-si/ Hold my hand
sol-sol-REdo-si-la-sol/ Nothing can come in between us if you just hold
sol-re-si-la-DO-si-sol-la-sol/ Hold my, hold my,
RE-si-la-sol/ Hold my hand.